Foam Injection Machines

These machines are used with suitable molds to produce soft and rigid polyurethane parts in the furniture industry, construction industry, decoration and architecture, and so on.

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Foam injection guns

Various types of foam injection guns, including mechanical purge guns, air purge guns, solvent purge guns for insulating and coating surfaces with polyurethane foam are usable.

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Foam Cutting Machines

Horizontal and vertical foam cutting machines, hot wire, whit fixed or conveyor tables, vibrating blade and rotary blade in different sizes and applications with high quality, speed and high operating efficiency.

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Foam Recycling Machines

A total of at least three crushers or foam waste grinders, a D-Duster machine and a mixer machine, along with silos and tubes, can easily launch a complete system for foam and plastic recycling.

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Hydraulical Press Machines

Types of hydraulic presses such as manual lever presses, laminating presses, thirty-framed presses, hollow frame presses, winding presses, power presses and assembly presses.

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XPS Machines

Foamed polystyrene foam systems are used to make ionolite or elastomer in various sizes and weights in granular, sheet and block sizes and thicknesses for various industries.

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Robotic cutting arms
Hydraulic Press
Milling Foam
CNC Machine
Foam Injection Guns



What Ilya Trading Can Offer


Ilya Trading, with its brilliant history of importing and through its communication channels in Asia, Africa, Europe, imports the goods from your desired country of origin as guaranteed


Ilya Trading, with its long history of export and communication channels in Asia, Africa, Europe, exports its products to the desired destination as guaranteed


In case of impossibility to register order and lack of necessary documents for clearance of the owner of the goods, Ilya Teringing announces its readiness to carry out all stages of clearance.

Order Registration

Ilya Treading will get a license from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce for approval before proceeding to accept Proferma, and then will order the order.


The order of registration process

This step is to ensure that the 8-digit tariff or 8-digit code of the goods is used to obtain the import rate, terms of entry and other details of the goods, to prevent potential excuses regarding the accuracy of the eight-digit code after entry and at the customs.

Many of the goods are listed in the Export and Import Regulations, published by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, and the tariff table, including the description of the goods, the eight-digit code, the input rights and other considerations attached to it, and has a complete list. Are easily categorized. Ilia Treadinig has no problems with the experiences she has gained.

This is one of the prerequisites for purchase, which will be followed by the signing of the relevant unit after the order is registered, and will be accompanied by the application form in the same way as when it comes to the customs.

In case of inconsistencies in some cases, such as increasing the quantity of goods, changing the country of origin, changing the issuing country, changing the type of goods, changing the code of eight digits of the goods and etc, the order must be resubmitted. Ilya Trading company, is fully aware of this and takes care of all the concerns without worrying.

This is a step in order to get the commercial invoice, which is one of the most important documents between the two parties and is a contract with a foreign dealer.

This document is essentially an accounting document with the number, date, specification of the buyer and seller, the pre-invoice number, the opening number of credit for transactions through the banking system, and other information on the quantity and quality of the transaction.

This document is called consular invoice, if it is issued on the recommendation of the designated authorities at the destination by the Chamber of Commerce.

Importing or exporting goods may require licensing from the Ministry of Production, Industry, and Commerce, which is usually only granted import licenses, with the aim of supporting domestic products and in the export of consumer protection.

However, in addition to these, legal requirements such as importer eligibility, standard, health, environment, order registration and etc are also in place for these types of goods and are binding.

Ilya Trading examines all legal requirements with well-known experts in the field of import and export, and, if necessary, obtains permission.

Cargo insurance in terms of the characteristics of the goods covered includes the description of the goods, the value of the goods according to the documents, the insurance cover according to what is predicted by the credit, the date of insurance is in place or before the date of carriage. If the importer wishes, he may increase this period by requesting the issuance of an addendum before the expiry of the initial period specified in the insurance policy.

The cargo insurance covers at least the insurance coverage for a fire during a stop at customs or custom warehouses. At Iliya Trading, I will get an insurance policy for all imported and exported goods.

Considering the monopoly of foreign exchange transactions by the central bank and authorized banks to introduce the said bank, the bank accepting the application for registration as an intermediary bank in the buyer’s country accepting the request for registration of the order or opening the credit in the wagon on the order of the buyer in favor of the other party. That is, the vendor will open the vendor’s order via the bank or directly to the vendor’s name.

All of the steps of the company’s credit are fully guaranteed by the company with complete mastery of the terms of the order registration.